Clif Cox


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I currently live in Eugene Oregon.
I'm kind of a project-holic, and they are a mix of professional, personal, and volunteer related. I really enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors and all the activities that go along with it, including international travel. I also have a somewhat spiritual focus and like to find time to meditate most days. Finding a healthy balance here is one of my challenges. :-)

My education was mostly in computer science. I'm a fan of life long education and probably have experience in various areas amounting to much more than the Bachelors of Science I started with. In fact I just audited a course at the local U for fun, but mostly I like to read up on new interests online.

Most of my work and projects are computer or electronic in nature, though I guess I'm a jack of all trades. ;-) I have to be good at multitasking in order to stay sane, but I'm very focused in my short and long term goals so hopefully I make good progress. :-)

I'm also interested in living in another country for a portion of the time over the next few years, if that works out. Maybe spending about half the time there and half in the US.

Other than that, I've started a couple of small non-profits, I do some IT related consulting for a steady income. I live a somewhat simple lifestyle so I can save up for fun things once in a while. I guess lately, I'm looking for a good project to plug into that helps the planet.
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